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Level Up Your Party with Pixel-Perfect Minecraft Printable Food Tents with 48 Minecraft Tents - Must Have Minecraft Party Supplies

Level Up Your Party with Pixel-Perfect Minecraft Printable Food Tents with 48 Minecraft Tents - Must Have Minecraft Party Supplies

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Make your Minecraft-themed birthday party a pixel-perfect success with our set of 48 Minecraft instant download printable food tent cards. These meticulously designed printables bring the world of Minecraft to your party table, adding a touch of creativity and organization to your celebration. Elevate your party's aesthetic and organization with our Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition birthday party food tent printables. These cards add a touch of the blocky charm of the Minecraft universe. 

Each food tent features iconic Minecraft elements, such as block textures, characters, and items, making them an essential addition to your party décor and will delight Minecraft fans of all ages. Whether you're serving "Creeper Cake," "Diamond Delights," or "Potion Punch," these food tents will delight your young gamers and create a cohesive atmosphere that's sure to impress. These themed food tents serve a dual purpose: they help organize your food or treat display while also adding a decorative touch to your party setup. A great addition to your upcoming Pixelated Minecraft Gaming Party.

Downloading and using these printables couldn't be simpler. Just access the digital files, print them out, and fold them into charming tents that stand elegantly next to your delicious treats. They're not just food labels; they're a way to transport your guests to the imaginative world of Minecraft.

Size: 12 Sheets - 8.5" x 11" - (Card-3.5 x 5) Cut out the design and fold to create the Food Tents for your upcoming Minecraft Theme Party.

1. Bread
2. Melon
3. Cake with Candle
4. Honey
5. Milk
6. Rabbit Stew
7. Golden Apple
8. Cupcake
9. Candy (Blue)
10. Slimeball
11. Pumpkin Pie
12. TNT
13. Glass Bottle
14. Chicken
15. Sweet Berries
16. Cooked Mutton
17. Tropical Fish
18. Chorus Fruit
19. Pork
20. Apple
21. Cooked Salmon
22. Hot Dog
23. Burger
24. Pizza
25. Cookie
26. Water
27. French Fries
28. Carrot
29. Emeralds
30. Diamonds
31. Iron Ingot
32. Gold Ingot
33. Coal
34. Redstone
35. Sticks
36. Lapis
37. Obsidian
38. Dirt
39. Sand
40. Grass
41. Cooked Beef
42. Potato
43. Trapped Doors
44. Lava
45. Strength Potion
46. Diamond Tools                                                                                                                47. Cake                                                                                                                              48. Healing Potion

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